Nobody looks forward to having to put their laundry away but it’s essential in keeping your clothes looking their best! Here are 4 ways you can refresh your laundry this season.

1. Fold Your Clothes Immediately. Did you know that folding your clothes immediately helps to prevent wrinkles and creases? Next time you do the laundry, make sure to fold your clothes right after taking them out of the dryer to avoid having to iron them later on!

2. Refresh Your Bedding. One of the best feelings is crawling into a fresh clean bed at the end of a long day. It is recommended to wash your bedding at least twice a month. Are you struggling to remember the last time your bedding was deep cleaned? Bring your linens to Prestige Green and let us refresh your bedding!

3. Get Your Clothes Professionally Cleaned! Bringing your garments to Prestige Green Cleaners will help preserve your delicate fabrics, remove tough stains and even improve the longevity of your clothing!

Ready to keep your clothes looking their best? Bring them into Prestige Green Cleaners and let us deliver your laundry for FREE! Contact us today at 919-309-4400 to get started.