The best part about storing your clothes for the season is that it creates more storage space in your home. Here are three ways you can properly store your winter clothes

1. Don’t Forget To Dry Clean Your Clothes Before Storing Them. Did you know getting your winter clothes dry cleaned before putting them up for storage can help prevent stains? Leftover body oil or dirt on your garments can deteriorate the fabric over time.

2. When To Hang Or Dry You’re Stored Garments. Choosing between hanging or folding your clothes is based on the type of material. Garments made from acrylic or poly fibers need to be folded to avoid stretching. For folded garments, you can place a sheet of tissue paper between each item to reduce wrinkling.

3. Where Should I Store My Clothes? You may think that storing your off-season clothes in a cardboard box is the perfect solution. Cardboard boxes are susceptible to water damage and can even attract insects. The safest thing to use is a plastic tote bin with a sealable lid to store your folded clothes. You can even add lavender or cedar sachets to keep them smelling fresh until next year!

4. Store You’re Garments In The Dark. Did you know that storing your clothes in a dark place will prevent color fading? It’s important to make sure your garments are stored in a dark place that doesn’t get too hot or cold to avoid damaging your clothing.

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